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Do you have a slow draining or clogged sink, tub, toilet, washer, shower or floor drain at your home or business? We specialize in drain cleaning in Huntersville, NC of small drains like sinks to larger main drains that go to your sewer or septic tank.

The main causes that creates this problem is a individual clog in one of the drain pipes / The sewer or septic system is backing up…
 We also offer video camera inspections, septic tank locating and drain repairs. If you’re in need of a drain cleaner, Give us a Call Today for Residential & Commercial Drain Cleaning Huntersville nc.
Dee’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service provides skilled, friendly and professional service.  We diagnose your problem and get it corrected so you can get your home or business  back in order !!!
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Drain Cleaning Services

Residential & Commercial

 Sink Drain Cleaning Huntersville, NC

When you’re having a kitchen sink clog or a bathroom sink clog that’s completely stopped up, at this point the liquid drain cleaners ain’t going to cut it. You’re going to have to call a professional drain cleaner to relieve your plumbing clog. Here at Dee’s Drain Cleaning in Huntersville, NC we have the experience and know how to get your kitchen and bathroom sink drains flowing right. 

cleaning sink plumbing clog in huntersville, nc


Tub & Shower Drain Cleaning

Ever find yourself up to your ankles in water with a clogged tub drain or clogged shower drain? Some times the old wire hanger drain cleaning trick won’t work. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Just give us a call whenever you’re in need of a tub or shower drain cleaning in Huntersville, NC we will be there.

Toilet Drain Cleaning Huntersville, NC

A backed up toilet can get real messy real fast. If  the plunger didn’t work on this clogged plumbing. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Toilet clogs can be troublesome in keeping your home or business operating smoothly. Whether it’s a family of 5 or a restaurant full of customers, we’re here to keep your toilet drains clean with the right toilet drain cleaning equipment to get the job done.

Floor Drain Cleaning

Whether it’s your residential home or commercial property when a floor
drain is clogged it can put you in a slippery situation. But don’t stress trust in us for your floor drain cleaning and put your worries away.


Sewer Drain cleaning & Main Drain Cleaning Huntersville, NC

With a main sewer line clog or main drain line clog going to your septic system or sewer. You will experience multiple backups in your home or business. Your clogged sewer line can be a result of many things like buildup, debris, tree roots, and even a broken or collapsed sewer pipe. A damaged sewer pipe can also cause reoccurring clogs. Waste being flushed like baby wipes, paper towels, and Feminine products can catch these damaged areas easily re-creating a main drain clog. Dee’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Huntersville, NC will get your main drain or sewer line cleaned properly. We also provide sewer camera inspections to see and locate the damaged area for drain pipe repair or replacement.

Leach Field Drain Cleaning

Your leach field or drain field is one most important part of your septic system. The drain field is what keeps your system working by absorbing excess waste water used in your home. Leach fields are also easy for shrubs and tree roots to grow into. This will cause a drain field clog. Before you get your leach / drain field replaced, give us a call to perform a drain field root cleaning and video inspection.

Septic System Location

If you have visited your local health department in your county and weren’t able to get the location of your septic tank, we are here to help. With our septic tank locating equipment, we find septic systems by using a transmitter and receiver. We also can mark out Drain fields and locate damaged areas in your drain pipes. So leave it up to Dee’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service. Let us find your septic tank, locate your drain fields and pin point the damaged areas. Like these breaks, breaches, root growth and even the collapse of your main drain pipe or sewer drain line pipe.

Sewer Camera Inspection Huntersville, NC

If you’re being troubled with a reoccurring Drain Cleaning Huntersville, NC clog and would like to know why, we’re ready to show you. With a sewer camera inspection or main drain camera inspection now you’re finally going to see why you keep having plumbing clogs. By having a sewer video inspection or main drain video inspection, you can feel at ease. knowing that these damaged areas will be repaired or replaced.

Sump Pump / Sewage Pump Repair or Replacement

Do you have a sump pump or sewage injection pump? That pumps the waste water in your main sewer pipe or septic system? We also maintenance, and repair these pumps. It is necessary to properly maintenance these pumps. By Keeping the pit they sit in clear of any buildup or debris that my damage of shorten the life of the pump.

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