Drain Cleaning Charlotte, NC

drain cleaning in charlotte nc
Charlotte North Carolina, the ‘Queen City’ in Mecklenburg County, USA

Benefits of Drain Cleaning Charlotte, NC

  • Your whole home will be cleaner.
  • You won’t have to suffer through the smell of sewage.
  • Your home will have increased efficiency.
  • You’ll avoid the need for more expensive plumbing repairs later on.

Drain Cleaning and Sewer Camera Inspections in Charlotte, NC

Sewer video inspection is often a step of sewer line drain cleaning in charlotte, NC experts run a video line into the waste pipes in your home to view and confirm blockages, determining the severity of the problem and the best way to proceed with sewer line drain cleaning. Depending on the nature of your plumbing problem, the video camera could go through your home’s branch lines, which are pipes that connect bathtubs and faucets to the home’s sewer line. Or, it might be snaked through your home’s sewer line – which is often the larger pipe that connects your home waste water system to the municipal sewer line located in the street. The camera is a high-tech instrument that allows us to inspect the line up close.

sewer inspection and drain cleaning
sewer inspection and drain cleaning

The drain and sewer video cameras drain service specialists have powerful lights that are self-righting, meaning the picture always stays upright. The camera is high-resolution and allows video to be recorded.

Most importantly, these cameras have transmitters, which helps show the plumbing technician the inside of the pipes and better use the video camera to locate blocked points in the drain or pipe.

Main Sewer Line Replacement in Charlotte, NC

Sewer line replacement may be necessary if the problem is caused by broken or disconnected pipes. If your home needs a main sewer line replacement, none of the plumbing in your home will function as it should. Like all our services, sewer line replacement is professional and uses only the best equipment and the most knowledgeable plumbers.

Unclogging with Drain Snaking

Drain snaking is one method of drain and sewer repair that can be used to clear household drains. Each type of drain – kitchen, bath, shower, laundry, and toilet – require various snaking methods to remove clogs and other types of pipe blockages. Rather than risk damaging sewer lines and drains with improper snaking techniques, our trained plumbing techs will use the right methods and best practices to protect your home plumbing system.

Clogged Plumbing Emergency Charlotte, NC

When something goes wrong with your home’s plumbing, it brings your routine to a stop. Whether you need us to unclog a bathroom sink drain, shower drain, clear a clogged kitchen sink, or perform some drain and sewer repair, Dee’s will be there to help.

What’s That Smell in the Sink?

When you wash waste down the drain, it might end up where you hope it does – into the city wastewater system and completely out of your pipes. That may not be the end of it! Some types of waste can get stuck in your pipes, meaning you’ll have to call us to clear your clogged sink or even replace a sink drain. And over time, waste stuck in pipes can rot, creating sticky odors in your bathrooms, kitchens, and baths. This is one of the first signs of a drain problem, often followed by a clog.

Here are things NOT to put down your kitchen sink or other drains

  1. Coffee – Coffee grounds, especially mixed with grease, is a drain clog waiting to happen.
  2. Grease and cooking oils – Grease, fat, and oil poured down drains are the cause of nearly half of all sewer backups and drain clogs in the US, according to plumbing industry statistics.
  3. Produce stickers and labels – Well, you might not, but you never know what kids or visitors might throw into the kitchen sink causing a clog, so educate the kids about paper not being compatible with your kitchen sinks and drains. If you need it, our kitchen sink plumbing cleaning can get you up and running again.

Are Your Pipes Draining Slowly?

It’s not uncommon to see pipes starting to drain slowly from daily use, along with that stinky smell . That smelly clog is also slowing down the flow of water. If you take care of the clog before it gets bigger, you’ll be going a long way to preventing bigger and more expensive blocked drain problems.

Hair and Bathroom Sink and Shower drains

Hair is going to fall out whether we like it or not as a naturally. But there are ways to limit the amount of hair washed down bathroom sinks and showers. Put a paper towel or two in the sink when trimming beards or shaving heads and catch the trimmed hair before it can get to the drain. Throw away the paper towels in the garbage to keep it away from drains and sewers.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is the most populous city in the U.S. state of North Carolina. Located in the Piedmont, it is the county seat of Mecklenburg County. In 2018, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the population was 872,498, making it the 16th-most populous city in the United States. The Charlotte metropolitan area’s population ranks 23rd in the U.S., and had a population of 2,569,213, in 2018. this information can on found on wikipedia.

Dee’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service is here to service charlotte and Mecklenburg County residences.